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Who We Are

Roger is not a physical space, but a mindset.

Sustainability is a core value for us, but what is it we are trying to sustain?

Good, healthy relationships.

We relate, connect, and interact with different kinds of things all the time. And it's these relationships that give our lives meaning.

Our ROGER kitchen relies on regional sources and the principle of fresh, seasonal and regional products. Our kitchen is devoted to finding new and delicious ways of using food “waste”. Our menus are composed in such a way that they meet your personal demand for tastiness and enjoyment with maximum sustainability.

Our low-waste, hyper-seasonal restaurant is located inside the Ameswell Hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley. Everything from the food to the interiors follows a low-waste philosophy. Our reclaimed furniture and tables being made from recycled wood. Roger is defined by a gridded motif and an oversized bar with garage-style doors that bond the indoors and outdoors.

All of Roger’s wines are sourced from small scale producers who believe in sustainability just as much as we do, along with a few affordable options on tap. 

We are deeply embedded into our community and support local artists, wineries, distilleries and farmers.

Again, we are all about those good and healthy relationships. Cheers!