Sat-Sun: 10am–2:30pm

To Share

The Midwife + The Baker Basket (veg) 14.
butter + chocolate croissant, seasonal danish

Whipped Feta (veg) 8.
toasted sourdough, california olive oil + herbs

Croque Madame Flatbread 16.
parmesan bechamel, prosciutto di parma, rocket, runny egg yolk


add: fried egg 3.

Avocado (v) 9.
tomato + caper salsa, pickled onion, dill

Roasted Mushroom (veg) 9.
ricotta, chervil, pine nut syrup

Strawberry + Fennel Pollen (veg) 7.
tarragon, agave, cream cheese


Scrambled Egg Breakfast 17.
hobbs’ applewood smoked bacon, crispy breakfast potatoes, salsa picante.

Eggs Benedict 18.
kurobuta ham, sauteed spinach, onion jam, hollandaise

Smoked Salmon Frittata (gf) 18.
leek, capers, dill, herbed ricotta

Breakfast Sandwich 16.
“everything” bagel, bacon, scrambled egg, cheddar, serrano schmear, crispy breakfast potatoes

French Toast Bread Pudding (veg) 16.
pistachio, cardamom maple syrup

Dutch Baby (veg) 17.
lemon, brown butter maple syrup
(made fresh! please allow 25 minutes!)


add: grilled chicken 8. roasted salmon 13. flank steak 18.

Caesar 14.
baby gem, calabrian chili, parmesan

Simply Dressed Rocket Salad 7.
parmesan, evoo, lemon, balsamic

Butter Lettuce (veg, gf) 14.
avocado, radish, bleu cheese, pomegranate, crispy yams, lemon dressing


add: fried egg 3. crispy bacon 3. cheddar or gruyere 2.

The “Hangar” Burger 18.
LTOP, “special” sauce, salt roasted fries

The Impossible Burger (veg) 18.
LTOP, “special” sauce, salt roasted fries

The Hot N’ Crispy Chicken 17.
pickle, “shrettuce”, aleppo mayo, salt roasted fries

B.L.T. 16.
creamy egg dressing, salt roasted fries


applewood smoked bacon (gf) 5.

two scrambled or poached eggs (gf) 5.

sourdough, whipped butter, jam (veg) 4.

crispy breakfast potatoes (v, gf) 7.

cup of fruit (v, gf) 6.


Whipped Yogurt (veg, gf) 9.
almond + walnut granola, strawberries, local honey

Cinnamon Doughnuts (veg) 9.
dulce de leche

Lisbon Chocolate Mousse (veg) 9.
caramel crunch

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (veg, gf, nuts) 7.
with choice of flavor:
olive oil + flaky salt
potato chips + chocolate sauce
chili crisps + roasted peanuts

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Brunch Libations

The “Hangar” Bloody Mary 12.
tomato juice, horseradish, black pepper, celery bouquet

Bottomless Mimosas 22.
prosecco, cold pressed orange juice

Peach Bellini 12.
sparkling wine, peach puree lemon juice

*90 minute limit from when you sit! last pour at 2:30! must purchase an entree!

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